Slithering Inks – Amal Alkhaja


Amal Al Khaja, Untitled (detail), 2017. Tape, ink. Variable dimensions, approx. 15 x 10 cm each. Commissioned by DUCTAC.

Looking through the work of Hassan Sharif and his students, particularly in the practise of Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, I am struck by the way they embraced a simple, yet compulsive, need to obsess, to feed on the impulse to repeat. While I can relate to the force that drove them to go back to repeating the same actions over and over again like in Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim’s work ‘Primordial Forms II’ and ‘Forms’, I have always felt the pressure to force content and resolution upon a concept.  

This project focuses on satisfying the obsession to create an artwork by simply repeating the action of injecting ink into layers of tape. The paths of trapped air in the layered tape prolong the drying process of the ink, allowing it to move around creating different patterns. The contrast between the monotonous process and the varied visual results gives the entire production an undeniable enjoyment. Produced over a period of two months prior to the installation, the project will continue growing throughout the period of the exhibition.