Shaikha Al Mazrou – Ironic Experiments: | Ironic Experiments through Semi-System:


Shaikha Al Mazrou, Ironic Experiments through Semi-System (detail), 2017. Black clay, variable dimensions. Commissioned by DUCTAC.

These works depart from Hassan Sharif's philosophical approach of ‘Objects and Experiments’. In them, I explore the irony in the experiment – the interplay between making, material and ideas. I am often drawn to work that speaks of its making, where the making is also its subject.

The key focus to my field of enquiry originates in the concept of uncertainty and expectations. It looks for – and develops – the beauty and aesthetic of materiality and form as part of an ongoing enquiry into contemporary aesthetic processes.

These two sculptural pieces continue my earlier investigation and exploration of awkward balance. More specifically, through the investigation of material, materiality and ideas, the work negotiates a position between formalism and opposing conceptual approaches and furthers my continuing experiments and questions into the most elementary sculptural qualities. The work oscillates between contrasts – positive and negative space, geometric and organic, form and volume, surface and void, material and tension.