Dubai Hills – Hind Mezaina


Hind Mezaina, Dubai Hills (detail), 2017. Two inkjet prints on archival paper, variable dimensions. Commissioned by DUCTAC.

Looking at Abdullah Al Saadi’s exploration of his surroundings and natural environment, especially in ‘Camer Cande's Journey’, I was prompted to think about my own. Al Saadi’s setting is the dramatic landscapes of Khorfakkan, mine is the hectic urban atmosphere of Dubai.  

Dubai is subjected to ongoing construction. This constant change can be seen in the heaps of sand that dot the city; the stones and bricks are piled everywhere – especially around construction sites. I see these heaps every day, wherever I am driving in the city. Over time, I’m come to regard them as our very own hills.  

Just as Al Saadi has been dealing with time and landscape, in ‘Dubai Hills’, I am in search of landscapes, natural or man-made; these ‘hills’ are found across the city. Some last longer than others. They appear, disappear and reappear again, representing change, transformation and transience.